Anything is possible if you put your mind to it, nothing too big or too small


International Women’s Month: Q&A with Ally McIvor, Partnership Team Manager at Games Global.

Throughout March, we've been shining a spotlight on inspirational women from across our business, providing a glimpse into Games Global’s continued celebration of International Women's Day through the lens of female Globalites. From personal reflections to organisational practices, the conversations highlight the ongoing efforts towards gender inclusivity and equality in the professional landscape.

In the final Q&A of the month, we caught up with Ally McIvor, Partnership Team Manager at Games Global.

What does International Women's Day mean to you personally?

International Women's Day celebrates the achievements and successes of women all over the world. I grew up in a household where anything was possible if you put your mind to it, nothing too big or too small. I encourage everyone to share that mindset, not only with women but with everyone around you.

As a Games Global woman, how do you see the organisation actively contributing as an ally in promoting gender inclusivity and equality? Can you share a story or example?

We have a huge female presence across Games Global in a multitude of roles, and I have never experienced any exclusion or inequality during my time with the company. This standard is set from the top down through inspirational leadership, both from male and female parties. One example to hand is someone put my name forward for this Q&A, and hand on heart, this is the day-to-day mantra at Games Global.

Have you faced any challenges or barriers as a woman in your profession, and how did you overcome them?

I don’t think I have faced a barrier or challenge as a direct result of being a woman (very lucky) and if I have, I didn’t notice it, and if I did, it would have spurred me to give 110% in the given scenario. An experience I can share - I was asked/selected/agreed to take part in the SBC Charity Boxing event in November 2023. Last year was the first year that two females would have gone head to head to battle it out in front of industry peers to raise a significant amount of money for charity. This shows the shift in direction and the empowerment of women in the industry, showing we are capable of the same activities, regardless of gender.

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