Area Link™ Piggy Bank: Unlocking swine-credible wealth


All the Area Link™ action. Thrice the oinks.

AreaVegas Games made their smoking-hot debut this April, taking flight on the Games Global platform with Area Link™ Phoenix. Bright, bold, and full of features, this scorcher of a premiere release introduced the new Area Link™ collection mechanic with flames and flare!

Now, the studio are back to bring players their second oinktastic Area Link™ outing, welcoming them to a whimsical new world, complete with three little piggies and a whole lot of winning potential!

Cracking open the vault before the month is out, Area Link™ Piggy Bank is to set to bring home the bacon, exclusively for Games Global customers.

What’s the pig deal?

This five-reel, three row online slot leverages the studio’s captivating twist on the popular hold and re-spin, Area Link™, whilst mixing in another popular theme and multiple feature upgrades.

The stars of the show are the three delightful Piggy Banks, each with its own unique path to swinecredible wealth. Collecting coins is key to the excitement and progression within the gameplay.

As players collect more coins, they’ll unlock different variations of the Area Link™, tailored to each Piggy Bank’s personality, and a range of potential rewards.

Unlocking the Red Piggy Bank lets players pig out with a random multiplier of up to 5x on every spin.

Cracking open the Purple Piggy Bank unlocks a double array, expanding the playing field across two independent arrays and doubling the prize potential!

Finally, breaking open the Green Piggy Bank unleashes green coins on the reels, which instantly snort up all the prize values that land.

Complementing this porker of a gameplay experience are vibrant and playful visuals, taking place atop a mound of coins. This piggy bank paradise, with coins scattered around, hints at the riches waiting to be discovered and a potential to win 5,000x! And, with joyful squeals, jingling coins, and cheerful music filling the air as the reels spin, its oinks all round for audiovisual entertainment.

Area Link™ Piggy Bank is gearing up for global release on 24 October. Let the snoutertainment begin!

That’s enough of our squealing. Trot over to Client Zone and snout it out for yourself!